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Folkroom - 20:00

KATE STAPLEY - A genuine wonder, Kate Stapley's songwriting is damn near unparalleled. Her stunning debut EP, Centella, remains one of our favourite records. That's it. That's the end of the sentence. Not 'of last year', not 'from the UK folk scene'. Just that. One of our favourite records.

ROB CORCORAN - Last year the great Christy Moore heard one of Rob Corcoran's songs and loved it so much he won't shut up about it. Keeps covering it in live sessions. Throws it out in huge concerts to thousands of people. And, to be honest, it's about time. Rob Corcoran writes the sort of songs that feel instantly recognisable. Natural, obvious, as if they always existed, and only needed someone to pull them out of some great void. That it's the same person who keeps revealing them says a great deal about just how great an artist Rob is.

IONA LANE - Mixing traditional and contemporary folk with consummate ease, Iona Lane's music is perfect for the Folkroom stage - so we can't wait to host her, and share another wonder with you all.