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Folkroom by Sea w/ Hickory Signals

HICKORY SIGNALS - Laura Ward and Adam Ronchetti have been making stunning folk music as Hickory Signals for the last five years or so. Atmospheric, explorative and thrilling to listen to, the duo represent the folk scene at its very best - they're an act who have immense respect for the traditions of the genre, but aren't afraid to push it into new places. We're so happy to have them join us at Village this March!

JACK HARRIS - One of the finest live performers around, a Jack Harris set combines his stately folk songwriting with unparalleled wit and storytelling. There's no other act around that can be readily compared to Jack Harris. Let's try anyway: he's Dorothy Parker, singing from a John Banville novel. He's Oscar Wilde, raised on the great American blues artists. He's a gangly shadow-puppet, brought to life in the form of the only human being we would ever allow the word 'raconteur' to be used upon.

CALLING BLUE JAY - Marieke De Keukelaere's music calls to diverse influences from jazz to folk to blues. Her distinctive vocals have shades of Joanna Newsom, though we'd be inclined to say Calling Blue Jay are a little more accessible, and much less affected. Gorgeous, other-worldly folk music.

Later Event: April 11
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